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Optimized coils for maximum vaping experience

The product

There are countless options for coil configurations. My basic theory is based on optimizing the sizes of the wire diameters. It does make a huge difference whether you use a 0.2 mm gauge wire wrapped around a 0.45 mm core or start with a 0.45 mm core and two layers of 0.1 mm wires.


What makes our products stand out from ordinary, mass-produced coils?

We focus on the vaping experience. Mass produced coils tend to ignore this crucial factor: they are built from thick wires that are easy to work with but kill flavors and battery in one swell swoop.


We save you juice. We guarantee constant quality. We will give you maximum flavor. What our products will not do is kill your battery in 2 puffs

Shipping and Ordering

We ship worldwide and you can pay your order with PayPal and Bank Transfer. We will send everything in safe package. For wholesale inquiry drop an e-mail to us.

This is how it all began

Vaping is more than a simple lifestyle choice; it is a passion, a taste for life, a zest where aesthetics meet a whiff of joy. It is about experiencing and experimenting with new things all the time: new devices, new solutions, new flavours. And new coils.

The man behind